Thursday, 30 March 2017

How To Find A Good Hotel In Beirut?

Every year Beirut, the capital and largest city of Lebanon welcomes endless number of tourists and visitors. The major attractions of the city are Beirut nightlife, parties, food, beaches, and mountains. Beirut’s history and weather are other factors that hook tourists to this place. If you ever happen to be this place, you will need a suitable accommodation.

Here are some tips to find a good hotel in Beirut.
Location is a deciding factor in finding hotels to any place. It should be in proximity to airports, bus stations or terminals. It should be ideally located near to all the main attractions you want to visit in your trip to Beirut. Also, make sure that means of public transport is quickly and conveniently available at that location so that you can march to any part of the city without any hassle.

Compare prices
Once you pick a few good options at the right location, compare their prices on different sites and travel portals for cheapest rates. You will be amazed finding the same hotel at different rates for the same date. You can always find the cheapest rate by going through different times of a day.

Research the hotel on review sites
Once you find the hotel, read online reviews including good and bad. A bad review doesn’t always means that it is a bad hotel. Even the big and luxurious hotels contain bad reviews. Take a closer look to the comments and go through the pictures of hotels posted by visitors. Both will give you a closer and real idea about the quality of the hotel. Besides also check who has posted review. Reviews of prime members are more trustworthy than new members.

Call the hotel
After finding the best rates, it is time to avail some more. You can call hotel and negotiate. Before making a bargain, make sure that you have checked the best rates guaranteed on the websites. Explain them that you have found a better price online and ask them to tally it with the discount.

Don’t forget to check the ambiance and facilities provided by the hotel including inbuilt restaurant and bar, free Wi-Fi, comfortable rooms, complimentary breakfast, parking, etc. If you are seeking lavish options, make sure the hotel is well provided with all that.

Last but not the least, don’t forget to check the cancellation policy of the hotel and travel portal through which you are booking the hotel.


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