Thursday, 26 April 2018

4 Popular Types of Boats

Before you plan a boat tour on your favorite houseboat, you should learn about other types of boat that run in the sea.

4 Popular Types of Boats


The variety doesn’t limit here. There are many more types of boats which can be used for the different purpose of saving a life to make your boat tours interesting.

Thursday, 30 March 2017

How To Find A Good Hotel In Beirut?

Every year Beirut, the capital and largest city of Lebanon welcomes endless number of tourists and visitors. The major attractions of the city are Beirut nightlife, parties, food, beaches, and mountains. Beirut’s history and weather are other factors that hook tourists to this place. If you ever happen to be this place, you will need a suitable accommodation.

Here are some tips to find a good hotel in Beirut.
Location is a deciding factor in finding hotels to any place. It should be in proximity to airports, bus stations or terminals. It should be ideally located near to all the main attractions you want to visit in your trip to Beirut. Also, make sure that means of public transport is quickly and conveniently available at that location so that you can march to any part of the city without any hassle.

Compare prices
Once you pick a few good options at the right location, compare their prices on different sites and travel portals for cheapest rates. You will be amazed finding the same hotel at different rates for the same date. You can always find the cheapest rate by going through different times of a day.

Research the hotel on review sites
Once you find the hotel, read online reviews including good and bad. A bad review doesn’t always means that it is a bad hotel. Even the big and luxurious hotels contain bad reviews. Take a closer look to the comments and go through the pictures of hotels posted by visitors. Both will give you a closer and real idea about the quality of the hotel. Besides also check who has posted review. Reviews of prime members are more trustworthy than new members.

Call the hotel
After finding the best rates, it is time to avail some more. You can call hotel and negotiate. Before making a bargain, make sure that you have checked the best rates guaranteed on the websites. Explain them that you have found a better price online and ask them to tally it with the discount.

Don’t forget to check the ambiance and facilities provided by the hotel including inbuilt restaurant and bar, free Wi-Fi, comfortable rooms, complimentary breakfast, parking, etc. If you are seeking lavish options, make sure the hotel is well provided with all that.

Last but not the least, don’t forget to check the cancellation policy of the hotel and travel portal through which you are booking the hotel.

Friday, 24 February 2017

Why Should You Visit The Lakes Of USA?

USA is home to the largest group of freshwater lakes on earth holding over 20 percent of the planet’s fresh water. The lakes which formed years ago as a result of glacial movements offer best aquatic views. Shimmering water, remarkable national parks, rolling waves, strong currents and countless adrenaline packed activities are what you get after visiting these lakes.

Here we tell you the key reasons for which you should visit these lakes.

Actioned packed activities

If you are an adventure junkie, the lakes of USA are haven for you. From shipwreck diving, boating, windsurfing, lake surfing, kiteboarding, parasailing, fly boarding, kayaking and every kind of thrilling water sports are offered here. Be it Lake Mohave boat rentals or Lake Mead boat rentals; it is very easy to hire a range of boats including watercraft rentals, ski boats, charter boat and wake sports. So visit the lakes and built everlasting memories with your gang, family, and friends. Majority of the lakes also offer houseboat rentals, boat tours, fly board water jetpack rentals which you must try at least once in your lifetime.


If you are looking for a peaceful getaway, the lakes of USA are ideal. Some of the lakes offer a serene nest where you can swim, take spa, or indulge in horseback riding or golfing. Exciting! Isn’t it? Besides, you can also explore some of the best beaches here where you can relax in the lap of nature.

Great outdoors

The lakes of USA are home to several national forests like Superior National Forest, Hiawatha National Forest, Ottawa National Forest, etc. One can take sight of some of the stunning landscape at these forests. You can also take pleasure from camping in forested woods, waterfalls, scenic hiking trails, fishing or just relaxing. Some national park also offers kayaking and diving. What can be more relaxing than enjoying these outdoor activities in a beautiful setting?

For history buffs

Even if you are a history buff, you can visit USA lakes as some of these water sources are rich source of history and it is home to many tribes that played a pivotal role in the history of America. Some towns which were laid centuries ago on the banks of these lakes contain age-old museums.

Now you have enough reasons to visit the lakes of USA. 

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

5 Crucial Tips to Shortlist an Ideal Hotel in Beirut

Finding a right hotel is not an easy task, especially when you are visiting a place for the first time. It does not matter whether you are on official tour or vacations with family or loved one, always, make sure to have a stay at a hotel which is fantastic in all aspects to make your traveling more enjoyable.

So, are you heading to Beirut?

If yes, then you would have googled Beirut hotels list to choose the right one nearby to your destination, right? However, if you are still puzzled and don’t know which one you should go with, read this post as there are several factors you need to consider for a pleasant stay.

Warm Treatment

For this, you can refer to the online reviews by previous visitors who stayed at the hotel. It is crucial to choose a hotel where the staff does not wear fake smiles just to impress visitors but gives a great support at just one call. Those who visit places with their family surely can’t overlook this factor.

Home-like Setting

Choose a hotel that has elements to make occupants feel like they are home with all convenience. Families love to stay at such hotels that offer home-like setting. Due to cutthroat competition, various hotels in Beirut offer facilities like living space, fully stocked kitchen (including a washer, microwave, refrigerator, glasses, toaster, induction hot plate, crockery, and cutlery), LED TV, towels, bathroom amenities, self-controlled AC/heating.


If cleanliness remains your top concern, then you cannot ignore this one, right? Therefore, go for a hotel that has spotless floors to let your baby crawl on, clean bathtubs to bathe in, separate smoking zone, housekeeping service, and a self-service launderette. Even if you are not with your family, cleanliness is something you cannot overlook.

Great Location

Without a doubt, it matters because the hotel where you decide to stay must have great connectivity with proper transportation to different tourist spots. Therefore, to make your stay in Beirut pleasant, go for a hotel from where you can visit local attractions, shopping, and restaurants, within few minutes of drive.

Special Offers

Everyone loves offers. So, before choosing a right hotel in Beirut, check for special offers. When you see Beirut hotels list, you will find that quality hotels offer a complimentary upgrade to the next room category if visitors arrive on Saturdays and Sundays. Further, if you are traveling with your family, check for family value package to avail discount.

Over to You

Follow the points as mentioned above to shortlist an ideal hotel in Beirut to make your visit and stay pleasant and enjoyable.

Wednesday, 28 December 2016

The Best Ways To Book Hotels In Beirut

If you are travelling to Beirut, the first thing you would want to do is book a suitable accommodation. As far as booking of the hotel is concerned, modern day people prefer to do it online. They have various websites, mobile apps and dedicated service providers in hotel booking industry that you can simply get to book the Book hotels in Beirut. In fact you can book the days prior than your trip and get special discounts as well. Whether you are travelling for work purpose of leisure purpose, alone or with family or colleagues, you can always have the suitable rooms available as per your budget.

If you are able to grab the best deals being offered in the different hotels, it becomes easier for you to save money. The right selection for the hotel can happen only if you are willing to spend some time in understanding your requirements and conducting the search accordingly. Once you list down the type of hotel as per your need, say luxury, family, budget or bag packer hotel etc. you can continue with the booking process through the desired platform. However, it is strongly recommended that check multiple hotels booking platforms for final price before you click ‘Book’ button on the screen.

When it comes to Book hotels in Beirut, you should also read the refund on cancellation policies of the online agent websites. It will provide you with the best information on all the options available. Always choose the web service, provider, which is ready to offer the latest as well as emergency cancellation refund as well. These travel websites are into the multitasking sector. They do not only offer information about hotels, but also on tour packages, local travelling, flight booking, and various other services. So, if you find any service provider trustworthy, you can always reconsider them for some other services.

It is advised to read the testimonials, reviews and recommendations by the existing clients so that you can shape your decision in the right direction. This gives you an insight about the place and you are able to make a difference. It provides you with the information and you can continue staying at the comfortable place as long as you are in Beirut. There are always comfortable and nice hotels available in the city as per your budget. All you need to do is look closely and make a smart decision.

Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Why Should You Visit Malta? Here Are The Top Reasons

Want to explore 7000 years of history? Visit Malta and left astonished with the beautiful backdrop, fabulous architecture, scenery and a lot more interesting things in this island. Here you can have an unforgettable tour of historical sites, cultural events, beautiful beaches and village life. Fine restaurants and luxury accommodations in Malta are other additional attractions.

Let’s know why Malta is a traveler’s paradise.

Valletta - Exquisite capital of Malta
Valletta is a fortified city as well as the grand capital of the Republic of Malta. The entire city reciprocates the grandeur of Knights. It is an important seaport and bounded by two harbors – Marsamxett Harbor and Grand Harbor. A tour to the city includes visit to 16th century built Saint John’s Co-Cathedral which is worldwide known for its splendid interior. Next is Grand Master’s Palace which once served as a residence for the Knights of Malta. Don’t forget to visit Upper Barracca Gardens and Museum of Archaeology.

Islands of Gozo
Gozo Islands are one of the most beautiful destinations in Malta. Mesmerizing backdrop, sleepy towns, virgin beaches are ideal to have a relaxing vacation. The island contains a medieval fortified city named Victoria and Marsalforn that is considered the most significant archaeological site on the Island. Besides Gozo island is also known for Ggantija temples and Azure Window.

Luxury accommodation in Malta
If you want to indulge in a lavish vacation, Malta has some top-notch luxury hotels of the world for you. Accommodate in any of these hotels and enjoy some of the luxurious chunks of life, be it to dine with style or enjoy Maltese hospitality.

Pleasant Climate 
Soothing climate is another factor which is like cherry on the cake if you are visiting Malta. The best thing about Maltese climate is that it is free from the scorching heat and extreme temperature. Summers are dry with a highest of 30°C and winters are cozy with 15°C. Although summer is the most popular season among travelers, winter displays a different charm. November and December observes rainy season here.

Enjoy Diving
Malta owns some of the best diving spots in the Mediterranean which are extremely popular among divers. There are ample dive centers across the island where one can find everything from first-timer courses to equipment for experienced divers. The best thing about these spots is their easy accessibility from the shore through boat trips.
So, are you ready for a Malta tour?

Thursday, 8 December 2016

Why You Should Take a Fulfilled To Lake Mohave?

A short drive to north of Laughlin, Nevada, and Bullhead City, Arizona is a 67-mile long stretch of the Colorado River known as Lake Mohave. The lake is somewhat narrow, not more than 4 miles across at its broadest point. It is restrained for most of its length between the steep walls of Pyramid, Painted, Eldorado and Black canyons.

Lake Mohave, behind Davis Dam, is part of the Lake Mead National Recreation Area is managed by the National Park Service. Lake Mohave is a habitation for fish and wildlife that also captures and delays the discharge of flashy floods from side washes beneath Hoover Dam.

The area nearby the Lake Mohave and along the Colorado River underneath Davis Dam also provides a lot of recreational breaks, which includes fishing, boating, swimming, water skiing, camping, picnicking, exploring, auto touring, photography and simply relaxing.

Hundreds of beaches can only be accessed by boat. In the summer, boaters seek out their secretive beach site for a base camp from which they then swim, water ski and relax. If you love to fish, Rainbow Trout are found in the calm, clear waters at the upper end of Lake Mohave, whereas Largemouth and Striped Bass are taken from the deeper reaches of the lake. A fishing certificate from either Arizona or Nevada, to which a special-use stamp from the opposite state is attached, which is necessary for those wanting to fish on Lake Mead or Lake Mohave.

Camping, RV Parks, and Facilities
Lake lovers will get to see hundreds of beaches along the lakeside that can only be accessed by boat. So select your beach as a base campsite. There are primarily two public use facilities containing Katherine Landing just seven miles north of Laughlin, Bullhead City and Cottonwood Cove from the Nevada side just east of Searchlight, Nevada. Both the locations feature public campsites, RV Parks, boat launches, docking amenities, boat rentals, restaurants, fishing tackle and licenses.

Fishing at Lake Mohave

Largemouth and Striped Bass are plentiful at the southern end of the lake. Striped Bass action is finest just above Davis Dam. Rainbowfishes are active at the lake's upper end principally around the Willow Beach zone on the Colorado River. Fishing authorizations from either Arizona or Nevada are necessary.

Casino Resort Gambling & Entertainment

Whether you spend a day, a weekend or a month, you will find out that Lake Mohave is an ideal place that can syndicate water recreation with the exhilaration of casino resort gambling, Las Vegas style amusement, great golf courses and world class eateries just down the road.